Bankruptcy:  a lifeboat for those drowning in a sea of debt.

Debt is a fact of life for many people. For many of us it plays a big role in our lives that is not always played to good effect. Debt can have a negative affect on more than justour balance sheet.

Every aspect of your life – family, friendships, occupation, future, and health – is effected by the debt you accumulate. And mismanaged debt can be as harmful as a deadly disease. If not dealt with quickly and left untreated, it gets progressively worse until all is lost. If no other alternative exists to eradicate the disease, bankruptcy is an acceptable and morally responsible debt treatment.

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Bankruptcy is a means to re-organize and restore our financial health. Most of us look upon debt reduction through bankruptcy as shameful. This is normal: most of us are responsible citizens with a good work ethic and who believe, rightly, that we should re-pay what we borrow. We live by the rule that: we should never borrow more than we can afford to re-pay and we should re-pay what we borrow.

Sometimes, however, circumstances arise that prevent us from being able to fulfill these obligations. There will be expensive medical problems, divorces, deaths, joblessness, bad decisions, etc., that few of us ever prepare for financially, but which will leave us financially un-healthy. The law recognizes this uncertainty and provides a legal means, through bankruptcy protection, to re-gain our financial footing.

Our law office can help you decide whether bankruptcy is something you should seriously consider.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be. — Benjamin Franklin.

Find out more about Bankruptcy in general by visiting the Bankruptcy Basics pages of the U. S. Courts web site, produced by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts. (Also available is a PDF document for download – packed with more information than a lawyer can give you in an hour.) And, you can see the means test requirements at the U. S. Trustee’s website.

Also, you can find out Oklahoma U. S. District Court specific information at the following web sites:

Is it a morally responsible debt treatment alternative?

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