Protective Order Expungements are available for 90 day, or 2 year old, protective order cases that have been dismissed or vacated.

If you had a PO filed against you and the plaintiff or petitioner did not appear in Court at the hearing there is no reason to still have the embarrassment of having the case available for public scrutiny. The first thing that pops into the mind of someone seeing a PO case on the Court computer system is “wife beater” or “stalker” or “harasser”. That isn’t fair to you – and it will pollute the impression people – co-workers, family, fiends – have of you. It can even prevent a potential employer from hiring you.

Take advantage of the special provisions in the law to erase these records now.

We can file the appropriate paperwork to get these cases expunged and erased from the public view! Once erased, the pertinent statute says you can say it never happened:

“…the subject official actions shall be deemed never to have occurred, and the persons in interest and the public may properly reply, upon any inquiry in the matter, that no such action ever occurred and that no such record exists with respect to the persons.”

It never happened!

Criminal Expungements

If you had a criminal Domestic Assault and Battery case filed against you that was dismissed prior to trial or a plea, you don’t have to wait 10 years to get it expunged from the public court records. We can file the appropriate paperwork to take advantage of special criminal expungement opportunities for situations like these.

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