Family legal matters include actions for:

  • Divorce (Dissolution)
  • Paternity
  • Child Custody and Support
  • Annulment
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship

Divorce without Children

It is possible to get a final divorce decree in Oklahoma in 10 days after filing your petition. Obviously, this applies to uncontested, agreed dissolutions, but that is the minimum time required.

Divorce and Paternity with Children

For family (domestic) matters with children, the court, in making a final decision in your case, will be concerned with what is in the best interest of your children. And, there is a presumption that you share this concern. Decisions for custody and visitation issues in divorce and paternity cases, including emergency and temporary order proceedings, will be determined by what the Court believes to be best for the children. The Judge will sometimes use the help of professionals to make this judgment.

Oklahoma law requires every party in these types of family legal disputes to attend classes designed to reinforce the primacy of the welfare of the children. Aside from assuring the physical well-being of the children, the Court will also seek to avoid psychological injuries that are hard to avoid from the emotional trauma suffered by the adult parties involved.

You want a lawyer who can help make this process as stress-free as possible while achieving the desired outcome. We can help you. We would like to talk with you about your options here. Consultations are free and we can meet Monday through Friday 8 to 6 , and Saturday 9 to 12.


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